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    Добавлено: 23.07.2010

    Protection of our environment


    Аббасова Камиля Ринатовна

    специалист Управления корпоративного развития и

    имущественных отношений ОАО "Корпорация "Тактическое ракетное вооружение"




    The Human being because of its ability to think, and conceptualize ideas within their brain – is considered to be the most intelligent life form and creature on earth. Mankind as a species is able envision himself invincible, almost God like, with fearless abandon, attempt what seems to be anything in the interest of testing the limits of their intelligence, instincts and at times each other’s safety. Man’s intelligence has been able to ignore nature, and attempt to turn seas in rivers, rivers into channels and, channels into streams. Our supposed intelligence has allowed us to underestimate our own capabilities, as we risk climbing the world’s highest peaks, or plunge the depths of the deepest oceans. Some people believe that our intelligence may be misused when we begin to challenge nature with experimental scientific experimentation with DNA crossing techniques used with plants and other life forms, with human beings. Are there any limits to mankind’s continued test of nature? Or is mankind challenging nature for power and control? My thesis is; “Has mankind gone too far in his attempt to gain control over nature?” Mankind’s efforts have not gone without risk or effect on the rest of the world. When effort to challenge nature, mankind has resorted even to war. We have sat silent while mankind has destroyed the environment, caused the extinction of numerous types of animals, such as the reduction of polar bears, wolves, elephants, the disappearance of pollinating bee populations, and silverback gorillas. Global warming from manufacturing processes which use decease causing contaminants have possibly initiated the melting of glaziers needed to cool the earths surfaces have been, (based on scientific monitoring), melting. We must ask ourselves, how do we all contribute in the preservation and protection of our environment? Should as a world leader initiate such efforts to preserve our planet? The answer must be yes, how could there be any other answer. World leaders must convene a summit to share in the preservation and advancement of the earth.


    The basic problem of maintaining a sound, effective environmental protection policy in Russia, in my opinion, is the willingness of Government administrators of environmental protection policies to not take them seriously, thereby leaving the possibility of environmental protection efforts getting corrupted by false thoughts, such as, if I can’t see it being damaged, it’s not being damaged. The entire world must begin trusting the available scientific evidence. We trust doctors and nurses with our health, we must trust equally the professional scientist, and doctors of the environment. A strong enforceable environment protection policy will go a long way towards, reducing numerous health risk, hazards, increasing animal species populations, and saving this planet.


    The second consideration has to be a revision of the thinking by corporations about the environment. For some reason corporations believe that profits have priority over environmental protection efforts. Clear Environmental protection policies for institutions could change this irresponsible thinking within corporations and institutions. For example, Canada, which has a similar climate to Russia has been experiencing temperature increases has led to the death of hundreds of thousands hectares of Canadian forest. The Canadian Government held competitive bidding for the fallen lumber, the winner of the competition would be determined on a, “Best Environmental re-use of the wood from the forest.” A young Canadian architect stated his use would be to use the lumber in the construction of buildings for the Vancouver Olympic buildings. He used the lumber for the roofs of the buildings of the Vancouver Olympic Games. At the end of the Olympics, the lumber would be recycled and used in other construction uses. Recycling of lumber along with other recyclable products would be the cornerstone of any environmental protection policy. I don’t believe a recycling program could be implemented here in Russia, as it might be difficult to implement it, however, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start such a program.


    A country of our influence and advancement should and I believe is already participating in the environmental treaties. For example the Russian Federation, along with 37 other nations have signed on to the United Nations global environment protection effort through the, “Kyoto Protocol” which commits all member countries to commit to reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions, (GHG), emissions with specific target reductions of GHG. It is this type of collaborate effort that with move the world forward, collectively to reducing these hazards to the very existence of mankind. If our efforts have made numerous other species disappear, it would be a matter of time before we, humans could also become extinct, even with our added ability of conception thinking, and intelligence. Efforts must be increased to increase awareness of hybrid, and electric automobile technologies.

    In conclusion, an effective Government sponsored environmental policy and effort, would be crucial in raising the awareness of an entire country to the benefits of participating in saving the environment, while improving their own health, all while making a meaningful contribution towards the survival of the world for future generations to come.

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